I’ve been thinking about this.

Here are the apparent reasons I have not devoted more attention to maintaining this blog (or any other blog for that matter):

1) Time. An obvious culprit, eh? However, as one who has taught innumerable sessions on “Time Management” I am fully aware that at the end of the day (which is literally when I would be trying to carve out precious seconds for this type of activity) we all pretty much do what we decide is what we want to do or is somehow “mandatory.” I want to maintain a blog, but I sure can’t convince myself that it is in any way necessary. Answer: Just do it.

2) Topic. Seriously. I have so much stuff competing for attention inside my head the very idea of trying to focus on one thing to blog about presents virtually insurmountable inner conflict. Although I am passionate about politics and religion, I confess I’d rather not make my opinions and beliefs in those areas the primary subject of this blog. I’ve found that once you breach those portals there is no turning back and the resulting noise tends to drown out any other sane discourse in which one might wish to partake. Music? Literature? Entertainment? Education? Technology? Linguistics? Humor? The Human Experience? Where does one begin? Answer: Just do it.

3) Target. What is the purpose? Do I have an actual goal for maintaining a blog? Am I trying to achieve some kind of immortality? Looking for my fifteen minutes of fame? Do I expect to be “discovered”? By whom? To do what? Will I “meet” other interesting people? Am I consciously trying to “reach” a particular constituency? Will anyone out there actually read and appreciate what I am writing? If not, so what? Is the “journey” enough? Just the simple personal satisfaction of organizing my thoughts and transferring them to a public forum? Do I really have to have an established, specified, articulated objective? Who is measuring me and my product? Answer: Just do it.

So, I guess I have my answer.

Just do it.

In the end it may or may not make any difference at all to anyone but me; and I wonder how much difference it will make to me, even. Does there really have to be “a point” to it? We humans do tend to place high value on “relevance.” We ask the “Why?” question a lot; and the “Who cares?” question, too.

So… what?

I guess I have to decide to post whatever I am pondering at the time and be happy.

Postscript: Dear Nike, I did not take the time to research whether “Just do it” is a trademarked phrase. If so, please find it in your steely corporate heart to refrain from suing me for enlisting the venerable assertiveness of your simple imperative statement.