I am a convinced believer in the power of creativity.  Doing creative things is deeply therapeutic.  Or, at least, it can be.

In fact, Rule #39 in my personal list of Rules for Life is: Do something creative every day.

Now, creativity is subjective, perhaps.  It is certainly relative.  Eye of the beholder, and all that, ya know.

Create for your own mental and spiritual health.  Don't make it about pleasing anyone but yourself.

[OK. Some people make a living being creative, and often they must create things that are marketable or in alignment with a specific commission.  Still therapeutic.  In that case, my caution would be, "Don't let the necessary boundaries quench your inspiration."]

Recording one's thoughts in a blog is creative.  Writing, painting, drawing, doing crafts, sewing, sculpting, cooking, dancing, making music... the list is long - flower arranging, interior decorating, designing a website, building a house, making furniture, on and on.

So, it's not like there is a paltry list of activities from which to choose when one wants to do something creative.  Find something you enjoy doing, and do it!

The therapy is in the sense of accomplishment, even before your 'project' is complete.  A work in progress is something to anticipate, think about, be inspired by.  The process itself is life-affirming.

The therapy is also in the distraction.  Focusing on something creative for a while and not being overwhelmed by whatever 'drudgery' might crowd your normal daily doings.

And it does not have to be something you hope or expect to see in a world-class gallery or on a best-seller list some day.  You may be the only one who ever sees it!  Lots of creative projects are not permanent.  The point is not to create something for public recognition.  It is just the simple satisfaction of doing something that leads to a beautiful result, even if it is only beautiful to you.

Actually, even if you do not think your result is beautiful, the process of creating something is usually more meaningful than the resulting object or memento.

Be creative.

Life awaits.

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