What I am pondering at this point is... What is the point? Specifically, what is the point of opening this blog? Why am I doing this? Do I really think I will persist in or develop a new habit that includes checking this blog and adding new posts regularly? Will I be really, really glad I started this blog? Will I ever receive any responses or comments from any passersby? Will I come up with great and prePOSTerous things to record for POSTerity?

Or not?


Al said...

Don't give up so soon. Blogging grows on you. Of course so can a fungus, but that's beside the point. Blogging can be a lot of fun.

I've discovered that one of the key things is to get two or three friends to start blogs of their own. You feed off of each other's ideas. Sort of sounds like canibalisim there, but I think you can see what I mean. One person has an original thought and the others can expound on that thought or take it in other directions that the original author never thought about exploring.

Another thing is to comment on each other's blog posts. It's always uplifting to hear that someone else has read your post and felt it was significant enough to say something about.

I would suggest turning on the random letter confirmation for your comments. If you don't, you may start getting a lot of spam before too long. It's a little bit of a hassle for your commenters, but it screens out the offers for cheap mortgage rates and solicitations from Nigerian bankers.

Thanks for stopping by Dry Crusts and posting your comment, I'll be checking back here to see how it's going!

boromax said...

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, Al.

I won't be giving up so soon. It is just that I realized as I began to make those first posts that I had not really given much thought to opening a blog. I realized I probably should have spent some time offline preparing for the "grand opening." But, alas, I did not!

And now I am facing a related problem. I really should be doing something else... so I am hastily tossing this comment into the hopper without providing much substance.

Nevertheless, I look forward to the day that I can devote a bit more thought and attention to this endeavour. Until then, blessings to you!