So much to say...

How does one choose what topic upon which to wax eloquent? Not only do I have myriad interests, but also I am concerned that this forum makes it difficult to express fully my thoughts on any given subject. Of course, my biggest problem is that I tend to want to say everything about something all at once, lest I be misunderstood.

As you are reading my words you cannot know all that has gone before to cause me to think the way I was thinking at the moment I was writing what you are reading. In fact, it is highly probable - not to say inevitable - that what you are reading does not adequately express my thoughts. This is due in large part to my inability to discover and properly align the best phrases at the time I am composing, but also to the inability (on anyone's part) to anticipate with any kind of accuracy the range of filters represented by the potential readership.

In other words, what anyone writes can and will be interpreted through such a vast spectrum of sociocultural filters that the original intentions of the author are all but guaranteed to be misinterpreted.

I get very passionate about what I read from others, and I hold my own opinions very dearly. But I often hesitate to open myself up because I am not especially fond of getting "flamed" for expressing my opinion. It is particularly vexing to have someone "go off" on you based on some kind of total misconstruance of what you wrote.

Nevertheless, intellectual exchange is the best and only way to expand one's perspective, ne c'est pas?

The array of concepts surrounding interpretations and sociocultural filters and linguistic nuances and the fine art of attempting to express ideas and opinions fully, honestly and openly... it is all quite fascinating in and of itself; worthy of further exploration. No doubt reams and volumes and tons of tomes have been produced examining this whole area of study. Still, it'll be fun!

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