Hiatus Schmiatus


A special note of thanks and acknowledgement goes out to Bernard Dupriez of Unis Vers Sel for awakening the somnolent blog of here and now.

One would think that a person so truly intrigued by the phenomenon that IS blogging would be more attentive to his own blogs. This one - my first true experiment with a blog - and my other one "UNITY 413" - a much more serious undertaking that actually had a theme and a purpose (say it isn't so!) - have just languished as languishy a languish as a languishing blog can languish. And that's a lot of languishing.

Not that I am an expert on languishing.

Oh, wait. Perhaps I am somewhat of an expert in that field of study.

Our society's unfortunate conjunction of the terms COUCH and POTATO have ascribed whole new realms and reams of detail and definition to the term - LANguishING.

Only I suppose one always hopes beyond hope that there is a substantial enough wad of grey matter in the midst of the potato to spark some kind of synaptic response and data storage and retrieval protocol.... does one get smarter by watching television? Does it have to be the Discovery Channel or TLC or History or Rachael Ray in order to be educational? Is SpongeBob a closet MENSA initiate?

....something to think about.....

Gotta dash. CSI reruns are coming on!!!!!!

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