No, seriously.

I have no idea whether four and a half years is any kind of internet blog hiatus record, but I also do not care one whit.  I think I don't want this blog to be entirely filled with posts about blog hiatii.  OK, I don't think 'hiatii' is the correct plural for hiatus.  Pretty sure it should be hiatuses.

Which, for some reason reminds me of a children's Christmas song from my So-Cal childhood.  "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas."  I was the youngest of five children.  We had this song on a small yellow vinyl record.  It was the size of a 45, but it was played at 33 1/3.

I remember some of the lyrics: "Oh, I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. A hippopotamus is all I want.  No crocodiles, or rhinoceroses.  All that I want is hippopotamuses."

The internet is such a great thing.  I just went and did a Google/Wikipedia search - right in the middle of composing this post! - and found a wealth of information about this song that brings back such memories for me.

Released in 1953, it was written by John Rox and sung by Gayla Peevey, who was only 10 years old at the time.

There are even a couple of YouTube renditions; one of which is Gayla appearing on a TV show in 1953.

My memory of the lyrics is a little off, but hey - we're talkin' nearly sixty years past!

Hiatus, schmiatus.

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