What? Am I Nuts?

Don't answer that.

So, a couple of days ago, I started my EIGHTH blog here on blogger.  I also have a couple on WordPress.

This new one is called Image Horde.

I started it because I had been experimenting with photo collages, and I wanted to put them up someplace where they would be time stamped for posterity.  You know, just in case I become hugely famous and need to prove that I created these pieces and when.  'Cause, ya know, THAT's gonna happen.

But also, I just wanted to share these 'artworks.'

AND I would like to get some feedback on them.

Are they fun?  Are they appealing?  Are they disgusting?  Are they amateurish, passe, boorish?  Are they legal?  What kinds of images make the best collages?  Should they be themed? Random? Color-coded?

I know there are plenty of high-speed photo manipulation softwares out there.  [I know.  'Software' is inherently plural, so the 's' is superfluous, but whatever.]

I specifically want to keep it 'primitive.'

I want my pieces to look like quilts, so I am not trying to make sure it all blends together flowingly.  [apparently 'flowingly' is not a recognized word.  Too bad.]

Anyway, welcome Image Horde to my burgeoning collection of bloggishness.

[What?? 'bloggishness' is not a word, either?  You're kidding, right? Heheh.]

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