Consuming Fire

On 2 February 2015, my house burned to the ground.  We got out in our pajamas.

It is quite a process "starting over."

Some (most?) of my other blogs depend on collections of source material - photography, primarily - that was destroyed in the fire.  For this one, I depend on my head, my heart, and my hands; and the discretionary time to compose a post.

Over the past couple of weeks, our time has been devoted to shock, disbelief, grief, relief (that we got out alive), about a million phone calls to service providers and creditors, rebuilding lost wardrobes and sundry, insurance concerns, and on and on and on...

During one of my many phone calls, the service representative commented on my calm demeanor and healthy humor.  I told him it is because I know where my treasure is, and it is not in this world.

Although many cherished possessions were lost in the fire, all of it is just 'stuff' that will remain in this world when I pass into the next.  Having it all be gone so suddenly, involuntarily, is shocking for sure; but it is also liberating.  Among the many emotions I am experiencing there has been a persistent sense of freedom.  No longer burdened or bound to or anxious about the mountains of accumulated worldly trappings (appropriate term!), we are free to rebuild with more conscious intention than we have ever previously enjoyed.

Also, we are more free to see God's face and hear his voice.  Not that we were not already looking and listening; and not that we did not already know in our hearts that all of our stuff was just stuff.  But it is so easy to let 'stuff' get in the way of building intimate relationship with Almighty God.  Anything that comes between us and God is an idol. Anything. Possessions, relationships, attitudes, traditions, ideologies.

Scripture tells us repeatedly (for good reason) that we must not look back, we must not be afraid, we must look forward, press on toward the mark, keep our eyes on Yahweh, love him and trust him.

Job 1:21 - " The LORD gives and the LORD takes away.  Blessed be the NAME of the LORD."

Baruch HaShem
(Blessed be The NAME)

Wow. Right after I typed those last few lines, this song came up on my playlist! Seriously. Not even kidding.

BLESSED BE THE NAME (From Job)   (click to hear it!)

New beginnings.

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Dana S. said...

I have struggled with drastic changes in the past, so I am not sure how I would take such a blow, but the beauty of your response to the fire, I'm sure, will be honored by your Maker. I just wanted to come by and thank you for visiting Dapoppins and Joining Nancy and I on the Heart of Gratitude Journey! Thank you for your comments, it would not have been half as fun without other joining in on the fun!